With 13 current players in the top professional league having played prep basketball in the Hoosier State, many high school player's biggest basetball dreams seem more attainable than ever.

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They took pictures in the dark, with only the oversized flash to light up the room.

One of these high school students would take turns sitting at the head of the board room table with the others filling in to the right and to the left.

With a few commands from a photographer the Indiana All-Star and Mr. Basketball candidatese put on their best stern faces for the shot.

"1,2,3," is chanted before the quarter-second of brilliant slight is flashed to capture the moment in time.

"I played against them in AAU," said Pendleton Heights senior Kellen Dunham, one of seven to take part in TheNextLevel.com online magazine shoot in January. "It's good to see how they're doing."

While many of them are enjoying solid years with college commitments already in hand, its the future isn't far from mind. Thanks to some recent success of Hoosier State basketball players, they might be getting ready for brighter lights than the ones used to light up their pictures.

A wave of talent coming out of Indiana has put 13 former IHSAA basketball player in the NBA. That adds to an already impressive number of 149 players from Indiana who have seen game action in either that league or the ABA.

For a number of these players, it takes what would seem a longshot dream for some and make it seem like more of a reality. During this photoshoot, all of the seven players interviewed each said that they saw themselves playing at the next level in some form or fashion.

To hear what they said when asked the question "Where do you see yourself in five years?", click on the video above.

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