Parents claim school never notified them following bus shooting


Monday, an IPS school bus was hit by what police report to be either a BB gun or airshot at 34th and Carrollton while dropping off students with special needs. Many parents said the school never told them about the incident but school officials disagree.

Ashia Williams says she found out it was her daughter's bus Wednesday night on the news.

“Fox59 did a story about it, saw the mom talk about it. That's how I found out.”

Blaine Krage, Durham School Services spokesman, said the bus contractor isn’t responsible for notifying parents, “Because we don't have contact information for the families of the children who ride our buses it's then left in the school districts hands to take it from there.”

“At the time it was more important for us to let parents to know the bus was going to be delayed so they didn't worry unnecessarily because at that time we weren't really sure what we were working with," said John Althardt, IPS Spokesman.

Althardt claims a phone message went out to impacted parents or guardians 12 minutes after the school heard from Durham. Williams and several other parents have contacted Fox59 to say that didn’t happen. Williams said she has received other school messages without any problems, but she didn’t get a message on Monday.

“They have my phone number and never got a message at all.”

The school sent home a letter Thursday about the shooting saying, "Information recieved from Durham that day stated that the bus had been hit by a rock. New information received late Wednesday evening, October 31, states that the bus was hit by what IMPD believes to be a BB gun or Airshot."

The police report was submitted to the IMPD system at 5:39 p.m. Monday, more than two days earlier.

IPS is asking for all parents to check their contact info with the school to make sure they are notified during an emergency.

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