Judge denies motion to dismiss charges against mother accused of eating rat poison

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Tuesday, a Marion County judge refused to dismiss charges against an Indianapolis woman accused of killing her baby by eating rat poison while she was pregnant. 

Bei Bei Shuai, 34, is charged with murder and attempted feticide for allegedly eating rat poison while pregnant.

Shuai gave birth to a baby girl named "Angel" December 31. The coroner's report said Angel died two days later from consumption of rat poison.

Defense attorneys have argued Shuai was trying to commit suicide and that she should not be prosecuted for trying to harm herself.

According to motion, the charges "do not require that only a third party perpetrate the criminal act and were not written with the intent to create an exception for pregnant women but rather to give legal protection to a viable fetus."

Shuai's attorneys are expected to appeal the dismissal.

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Crime, Law and JusticeJustice SystemCrimeHealthMarion County (Indiana)Homicide