Indianapolis Airport Authority board president resigns

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Questions linger as to why Indianapolis Airport Authority Board President Michael Stayton is stepping down two years before he was slated to do so.

Stayton served as board president for three years, served on the board for four years, and also spent two years serving the board in the 1990's.

Fox59 asked Stayton if his decision had anything to do with our investigation into high spending by three top level airport executives CEO John Clark, CFO Marsha Stone and COO Al Stanley.

CEO John Clark has flown all over the world and charged the airport authority huge bills.  The money is not paid for by taxpayer money, however it is paid for by public funds.

"I can tell you that I personally reviewed the CEO’s travel reports and I have no concerns," said Stayton.

So why step down now?

"I turned 65 years old this year and I promised my wife that I would start to settle down."

Stayton has chaired the board for three years and has spent a total of six years on the board since the 1990's.

It was a tense moment when Fox59 asked the following question.

"Have you had a good relationship with John Clark?" asked Fox59.

"Yes," said Stayton."All the staff."

His last staff meeting will be next month.  He has someone in mind to replace him, but didn’t want to tell us.

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