Central Indiana has had a wet start to the day with soaking showers moving through the area.  The bulk of the heavy rainfall is coming to an end this morning as this stronger section of rain moves farther east in the state. 

Speaking of heavy rainfall, here are some of the rainfall totals as of 11:30 AM. This includes any rainfall over the last 24 hours.

Rainfall Totals
Indianapolis: 1.47"
Lafayette: 2.49"
Shelbyville: .46"
Eagle Creek: 1.82"
Bloomington: .53"
Columbus: .44"
Muncie: .40"
Peru: .97"
Kokomo: 2.44"
Terre Haute: 1.3"

But our chance of rainfall will not end when this area of rain departs the state.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will still be possible as we go throughout the morning and early afternoon hours.  This is due to the fact that the cold front still needs to pass through.  The front will tap into moisture aloft and produce some more activity, but definitely not as heavy as the rains we had this morning. Severe weather is also unlikely.

Fox Futurecast at 1:30 PM:

Here's what Fox Futurecast looks like by 4 PM today.

The next big chance for rain will come in for the holiday weekend and the source of this precipitation will be from Isaac.  No, it won't be nearly as strong as what will hit the Gulf Coast, but it could still bring in high winds, heavy rainfall and possibly some severe weather.

Here's what Isaac looks like this morning.  It's currently a TROPICAL STORM with winds sustained at 65 mph.  The storm is moving west-northwest at 14 mph.

The latest forecast models bring Isaac on shore between New Orleans, LA and Gulfport, MS.  It should officially come on shore between 12 AM and 2 AM Wednesday.  This storm will intensify into a Category 1 hurricane before making landfall here in the U.S.   Winds could be as high at 90 mph by Tuesday night.

Isaac will continue moving into the U.S. this week bringing in heavy rainfall to a portion of the country that desperately needs precipitation.  It looks like this rainfall will make it to Central Indiana by Friday night and it will continue through Sunday. 

Severe weather will be a real possibility this weekend if remnants of Isaac move in as expected.  The biggest threat will be isolated tornadoes along with high winds and soaking rains. 

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