Vandals target statues in Monument Circle

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Two statues at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis’ Monument Circle were the targets of vandalism.

Graffiti markings were discovered on the statue of George Rogers Clark and William Henry Harrison overnight Tuesday.

One graphic showed the letter “A” with a circle around it, often used to represent anarchism.  The other status had “ACAB” spray painted. 

Indiana State Capitol Police said the investigation is ongoing.

Officials believe this happened sometime overnight.

“I know people have the right to their opinion and all, but there is a way to do it without being disrespectful of others and desecrating the memories of others,” said Captain Dave Bursten, Indiana State Police.

Other people downtown said they are disappointed to see the vandalism after the city looked so nice during the Super Bowl.

Fox59 learned the Little Red Door Cancer Agency and a neighboring building were also targeted last week.  A graffiti symbol with an “A” inside a circle, similar to the one found on the statue, was discovered on the neighboring building.

Fox59 has reached out to Indiana State Police for more information on the incident and when it may be cleaned up.  We will update you as soon as more information becomes available. 

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