Outpouring of support for man too sick to care for dogs

We introduced you to Douglas Hembree Tuesday night. Hembree has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and after being in the hospital twice, he made the tough decision to find a new home for his dogs Sadie and Ziggy.

¿¿"It has got me in tears,” said Hembree. “I want a decent home for them."

After our story aired, Fox59 got dozens of calls and emails from people wanting to adopt Hembree's Jack Russell Terrier and German Shepherd. Bobby Tackett is one of them—and he’s always loved German Shepherds.

"Intelligence, and that big bark. That is the best thing,” said Tackett.

Tackett's last dog, Lady, died last year. He had her for ten years. Lady was a German Shepard that Tackett said looked a lot like Sadie.

"She is a little skittish compared to the other ones, but I think she will be a good dog," said Tackett.

Sadie has a big backyard, her own personal space and plenty of food. At least for right now though, she doesn’t quite feel at home.

"It just takes time and we will show her that we are good people we will not hurt her,” said Tackett. “Eventually she will come around, I believe."

Tackett said he gets the feeling Sadie misses her master. He says Sadie's master may feel the same way.

"If he is really heartbroken bad, like I know some people can be, I told him he could have her back," said Tackett.

Tackett remains confident that with love and a little time, Sadie will feel right at home.

As for the other dog, Ziggy, Hembree’s been in contact with a representative from a no-kill-shelter. The Jack Russell Terrier is set to be picked up on Friday, August 31st. From there the dog will have the chance to be adopted.

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