Pacers George and Hibbert reflect on All-Star weekend

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He managed to glow and leap over a seven-foot-two. Yeah, it took a couple of tries, but in the end Paul George believed he pulled off enough to win his first slam dunk contest.

Instead, he finished third.

"I don't know, I'm upset to tell you the truth," said Roy Hibbert, whom George leapt to complete one of his dunks.

Paul was a little bit more straight-forward with his thoughts.

"Take nothing away from the dunk contest but it was a joke. I guess it was a celebrity, I guess whoever had the highest or biggest celebrity involvement was gonna be the winner," said George. "I guess on my behalf I should have reached out to some people."

He did reach out to Larry Bird earlier in the week but his involvement was limited to a few stickers slapped on the backboard during George's final attempt.

"If you leave it up to fans the probably wouldn't knew who Larry was, so I think I was destined to lose that competition," said George.

Despite not capturing the victory it was not a completely lost weekend for George, who like his teammate Roy Hibbert had a chance to be around some of the best professionals in the game of basketball.

"It was fun. It definitely humbles you and makes you want to work even harder," said George of the weekend. "I remember the actual All-Star game, and that was motivation in itself."

Hibbert had the chance to experience the Sunday tradition, having played ten minutes in the game which features the best in the NBA. He scored just three points in the offense-happy 152-149 victory by the West, but got some encouraging words from his temporary teammates.

"Obviously I didn't play or put up and produce as much as I would here but it was fun and all the guys told me how good of a player I was and how I deserved to be here," said Hibbert. "It's kinda uplifting to hear that from your peers."

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