Pacers take "Time Out" for reading

Frank Vogel

The Indiana Pacers’ "Reading Time Out" program focused on College Wood Elementary School in Carmel on Thursday.

Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel returned from a win over Charlotte to volunteer at the school and talk about the importance of reading.

The basic goal is to not just encourage kids to read sufficiently, but to embrace the love of reading at an early age, said Kelli Towles with the Indiana Pacers.

This is the 11th year of the "Reading Time Out" program. The Pacers send invites to schools ahead of time, to see if they would like to participate. This year, 60 schools responded and they are visiting each one, which is more than any previous years, Towles said.

The program will impact 10,000 kids in Kindergarten through third grade.

They bring in guest readers too, like firefighters and police officers.

"Kids can be told by their teachers and parents to read and embrace the love of reading until they're blue in the face but when we come in,” said Towles. “We bring a different level of excitement.”

Each participating student will get a Pacers backpack and a book.

Boomer and the Pacemates also make appearances at the "Reading Time Out" events.

The program started in October and will wrap up in May.

For more information on the "Pacers Cares" program and their education efforts, click here.

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