Winter weather finally arrives for anxious skiers at Paoli Peaks

Lone (music group)

It's been two long weeks of waiting... and waiting for Paoli Peaks to open for the winter season. High temperatures have kept skiers off of the slopes for a record amount of time.

"It's been really frustrating since we had some cold teases," said David Kastan.

Finally, temperatures dropped enough below freezing but then there wasn't enough snow.

"It's 100 percent dependent on weather," said Kastan.

So Mother Nature didn't give them snow but more than 100 snow machines fixed that problem really fast. Now, people are ready for opening day.

"First day is the best day ever," said Skier Austin Muffin.

This year those first skiers and snowboarders were delayed by 17 days, tying for the latest start in resort history. People are just ready to go!  There will be a flurry of activity on the slopes once snow free runs.

"This is about one of the only times Of year we are so busy we have lines," said Cole Lone, pro shop worker.

So come with goggles in hand, because the man-made snow will continue to fly at Paoli Peaks until temperatures go back up above freezing Wednesday afternoon.

You can find more information on their location and hours online.

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