Second family files lawsuit against Miller Transportation following crash

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Another family has filed a lawsuit against the company that owns and operates the school bus involved in a fatal crash more than a week ago.

Jordan Commodore and Sierra Hederington were both on the bus that morning. The two are brother and sister. Sierra badly broke her foot. Jordan saw the whole thing happen.

Ken Nunn is the lawyer representing the family.

"She has a terribly broken foot and is confined to a wheelchair. The house that she lives in is not wheelchair friendly."

Earlier this week, Michael Watkins’ family filed a lawsuit against the bus company. Both sets of court papers claim the bus was unsafe and point to the lack of seat belts as a problem.

"I don't put them in my car and not buckle them up or use child safety, so I feel the same should go on our school buses," said Natasha Watkins, mother. 

Nunn said filing the lawsuit is crucial to finding out what really happened.

"The value of filing a lawsuit is it enables us to get court orders and forces the other side to tell us things that otherwise would be confidential and protected by law."

Lawyers are trying to get repair records, the driver’s record and the video from inside the bus. They say it’s information that will help these families get answers as to how the school bus ended up in a pillar.

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