Short weeks difficult but successful for the Colts

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INDIANAPOLIS - Loose lips won't sink ships at the Colts Complex, but it could do so for Bruce Arians' bank account.

During his Monday news conference he first discussed the complications that come with playing a game with just three full days to recover and prepare.

The interim head coach, with money in mind, was word-conscious.

"I’m trying not to get fined," said Arians, laughing as he said it. "I don’t make enough to get fined.

Still the coach was pointed about the challenges his team will have as they get ready to face the Jaguars in Jacksonville on Thursday night-just four days after their 23-20 victory over the Dolphins to improve to 5-3 on the year.

"It’s extremely hard on their bodies," said Arians of the quick preparation. "We all know that television is extremely important to our business and it’s part of the collective bargaining agreement that we all decided on so that’s what we’re going to do.”

What to do is often the question. Arians said he wasn't sure if the team would run in the three days of practice they would have before going to Jacksonville. Only Tuesday would be a full practice with recovery the key preparation for the AFC South match-up.

"That’s the biggest thing. Hot tub, cold tub, treatment room, all those things are really helpful right now," said defensive lineman Cory Redding. "Staying off your feet as much as possible. Trying to use less energy as much as you can because you are trying to conserve it until Thursday."

Thought not apart of the Colts' preparations for a short week before, Redding can help keep a unique streak going for the team when they head to Florida. Since 2007 the Colts sports a perfect 6-0 record when they've played on Thursday night.

Tony Dungy's team won two of them in 2007-opening night against the Saints at the RCA Dome and Thanksgiving night in Atlanta. Since then the Colts have won a game on Thursday each season-two of those coming against the Jaguars (2008, 2009).

Apart of two of those victories, Pat Angerer can see the good and the bad of the Thursday stage.

"Thursday night games suck leading up to it but when we play Thursday its gonna be fun," said Angerer of the good and the bad of playing early in the week. "But it's exciting, you get to sleep in which is a bonus and I'm looking forward to it."

Recent history shows Colts fans should too.




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