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Straub account included in Bisard report

Fox59 News has learned Indianapolis Public Safety Director Dr. Frank Straub's account of what happened August 6th, will be included in the internal investigation report of the fatal crash involving IMPD officer David Bisard.

The report is expected to be made public Wednesday, November 10th.

Dr. Straub didn't want to answer any more questions about the upcoming release of the Bisard report, parts of which were done october 15th.

"You're not gonna get everything," Straub told Fox59 News.   

Straub says not every answer investigators heard about the bisard crash is in his words "germaine" to the investigation. However, Dr. Straub did say his answers will be in the report.

Reporter: "Were you ineterviewed by any of the investigators?"

Straub: "I was."

Reporter: "Which ones? Which agency?"

Straub: "From our agency."

Reporter: "And so your account of what occurred that day?"

Straub: "Absolutely."

Reporter: "Your overview of that?"  

Straub: "Asolutely."

Reporter: "Whatever decisions you and the chief made or the chief made independently that day will be included in there?"

Straub: "Yes, it will. Yep and there won't be changes."     

Witnesses say the reports will find no evidence that three top commanders that were reassigned for supposedly losing control of the investigation, did anything wrong. An attorney representing one of those commanders wants to know why Straub didn't take charge of the investigation that day.  

"The public safety director as I understand has resources available to him. He has a legal assistant who is a deputy a former corporate counsel who could have responded to the scene and give police officers legal advice if they needed it."  

The report is expected not to find any evidence that fellow officers sought to cover up Bisard's alleged drunkeness that day to which Eric Wells father Aaron Wells told Fox59 News that the initial investigation was, quote: "so horrible so botched up it looks bad for the entire city."

How can it possibly be?

Officer Bisard is accused of crashing his police cruiser into a group of motorcyclists, killing one of them and seriously injuring two others. He is also accused of drinking at the time of the crash, but due to a technicality, he is not currently facing any alcohol-related charges.

The day of the crash, Dr. Straub along with IMPD Chief Paul Cisielski were reportedly meeting to discuss the public image of the Office of Public Safety. This investigation report is expected to shine light on what happened during the course of that day.

As Fox59 first reported Monday, the report is expected to clear up rumors of a possible cover-up within the police department. The report is also expected to say how metro officers were unaware of a new state law requiring them to take those involved in a fatal or serious crash to a hospital in order to have an official blood alcohol test. Officer Bisard was taken to a nearby clinic instead.


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