First family moves into Super Bowl Legacy Project home

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No matter what happens with the lockout, Indy's Super Bowl has already touched the lives of families through the Legacy Project. Monday was moving day for some of the first Hoosiers getting new homes and a new start thanks to the Super Bowl project.

"This is what I like about the house, the dishwasher.  I don't have to do dishes by hand anymore,” said Eric Campbell, Legacy Project family member.

Anyone who's ever moved into a new house can relate to the Campbell family as they run though their new home showing off the appliances.

"I think the house is pretty awesome, it's good to get a new start on a new house,” Campbell said.

The Campbell's are getting their new start as part of the Legacy Project. They're one of eight families who are moving into homes on the east side that have been built or restored though Central Indiana's Super Bowl project.

The families are either homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. All of them said they are thankful for houses that will change their lives.

"At my old house, I was too shy to let visitors come in. Now I can have friends in my house,” Campbell said.

The Legacy Project got its name because homes like the Campbell's will last long after the last snap of Indiana's Super Bowl. The objective is to make sure one football game has a lasting impact no matter who wins on the field.

"It's the impact on these lives that will last long after game day,” Diana Boyce said. “I think that's what matters, what these families are going to experience, these are life-altering things that are happening because of the Super Bowl."

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Super BowlSportsEric Campbell