Teen sentenced to probation in fatal crash

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The teenager charged in connection with a fatal Brownsburg, Ind. crash that killed one teenager and seriously injured three others withdrew his denial of the charges against him in court Tuesday and was sentenced to probation.

Chris Hubbard, 17, admitted to the charges against him, which include one count of driving under the influence causing death and three counts of driving under the influence causing serious bodily injury. 

Hubbard denied the charges when he appeared in court on June 18, in order to allow the defense to have more time to review evidence in the case.  However, he admitted to the charges Tuesday and was sentenced to serve probation with a 6:30 p.m. curfew until he is 21 years old.

The 17-year-old was the driver of a Pontiac Grand Am that crashed in the 6900 block of County Road 550 East on the morning of May 19. 

Passenger Nathan Gentry, 18, was riding in the backseat and was killed in the accident.  The front-seat passenger, 18-year-old Shawn Bloomquist, was transported to the hospital in critical condition.  Police said he was the only person in the vehicle wearing a seatbelt. Taylor LaMonte, 16, sustained a dislocated knee, a broken leg, broken hip, broken pelvis and two broken arms.  Ian Cherco, 16, sustained injuries but was released from the hospital the following day.

Hubbard also sustained serious injuries after the crash.  He suffered a hip fracture, punctured lung and a cracked sternum.

Police said they were able to determine drugs and alcohol were factors in the crash due to statements and evidence gathered at the scene.  In court Tuesday, Hubbard admitted to smoking marijuana and drinking at a party that he and the other teenagers were at prior to the crash.  Hubbard’s BAC level at the time of the crash was .06.

Hubbard also admitted Tuesday to smoking marijuana days following the crash.  He said he was depressed and has been smoking on and off since he was 14 years old.  Hubbard is currently undergoing treatment.

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