Thanksgiving meal expected to cost more this year

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With just a few days until Thanksgiving, many families in Central Indiana are headed to the local grocery store to buy the feast. Many are now experiencing a little sticker shock.

Sheila Bonds is one of them.

"I'm somewhat prepared. I may be psyched up, maybe not. It's time to take action."

According to reports, this year’s dinner could cost you more. Since 1986, the cost of a Thanksgiving feast to feed a family of 10 has gone up more than $20.

Consumers can blame the bulk of the increase on the birds. The increased price of grain, which is used to feed turkeys, has caused an increase in production costs.

But there are ways to have your Thanksgiving feast without gobbling up your wallet. Many grocery stores offer coupons and loyalty discounts than can help offset the cost.

"Larger families have savings opportunities by buying in quantity," said John Elliot with Kroger.

Some of the savings can add up to more than 50 percent off.

FOX59 News purchased a 20lb. turkey for $33.06. With a customer loyalty card, the final cost was $16.01.

Many families also save money by having a pitch-in dinner-- with everyone invited bringing an item to share.

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