Battle Creek Enquirer Cutting Jobs and Consolidating

Newspaper and MagazineGannett Company, Inc.

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (AP) - The Battle Creek Enquirer plans to cut 50 jobs, or nearly half of its staff positions, as well as shut down the newspaper's press and move printing to a Lansing facility.
The decision announced Tuesday affects 18 full-time employees and 32 part-time employees who are part of the newspaper's 105 staff positions, excluding independent contractors who deliver papers.
The newspaper owned by McLean, Va.-based Gannett Co. says four job cuts take effect immediately and the rest will be made during the next two months, and many cuts come from the mail room.
Michael McCullough, the Enquirer's executive editor and general manager, notes cuts are taking place elsewhere at Gannett. He says a decline in local revenue and circulation were factors in the decision.

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