Feds Link Men to Robberies, Crack Dealing

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GRAND RAPIDS - Three men from Grand Rapids are accused by federal investigators in a crack cocaine ring.

Two of them are also being connected to a series of violent bank robberies.

The robberies go back to 2007 where they may have accumilated $146,000 in five heists.

Men armed with guns jump would over the counter and demand cash, in some cases pushing around the bank tellers.

Among those that may be connected, a robbery of the United Bank on Wealthy in May of 2007, the LaSalle Bank on Michigan inDecember of 2007, and the My Personal Credit Union on Plainfield in February 2008.

In court documents filed this week, federal agents say the thieves would switch cars. In one instance witnesses saw them drive off in a Chevy Blazer then get into a back Cadillac.

Investigators say fingerprints from a glove dropped at the scene of one of the robberies, along with DNA from die-stained money point to Salvatore Louis.

Louis has prior convictions of robbery and assault with intent to murder.

The FBI thinks it was Solomon Johnson who made the phone calls to set up their getaway cars.

According to the feds Johnson has a record of assault and armed robbery.

In court documents, the FBI says it was the car used to rob the Chemical Bank in Jenison that kicked off the drug investigation. That car was connected to a female prostitute that became their number one informant.

Court documents show that she wore a wire and made various drug deals with the three men in the area, one in the 900-block of Alexander in Grand Rapids.

It says she referred to Louis as "King Black" and Johnson as "J."

Agents say she also bought drugs from a third man, Emmanule Davis, who investigators say was also on parole for manslaughter charges though there's no evidence linking Davis with the bank robberies.

The US Attorney's office said Davis and Louis are both in custody. Johnson has not yet been apprehended.

Davis and Louis will appear in front of a federal judge next week.

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