'Arrested' Star Enters Dramatic 'Kingdom'


Jason Bateman doesn't seem to be taking the apparent death of "Arrested Development" too hard.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Emmy nominated star of FOX's most lauded and least watched comedy series is set to take a dramatic turn in "The Kingdom," an increasingly star-studded thriller from director Peter Berg ("Friday Night Lights").

Set up at Universal, "The Kingdom" follows a counterterrorist team and its response to a bombing that kills American workers in a Middle Eastern country.

Oscar winners Jamie Foxx ("Ray") and Chris Cooper ("Adaptation") have been attached to the project for some time, while "Alias" star Jennifer Garner entered the fold last week.

Production is expected to begin in June.

Bateman, whose small screen credits have also included "The Hogan Family" and "Silver Spoons," has a slate of post-"Arrested" films lined up, beginning this summer with "The Break-Up." He's also done roles in "Fast Track," opposite Zach Braff, and "Smokin' Aces."

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