Another 'Titanic' Vet Hits the 'Road'

The "Titanic" reunion on Sam Mendes' "Revolutionary Road" just keeps expanding.

Already set to star Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, "Revolutionary Road" has now added fellow "Titanic" alum Kathy Bates to its ensemble.

A critique of American conformity in the '50s, "Revolutionary Road" tells the stories of Frank and April Wheeler (Winslet and DiCaprio), a suburban Connecticut couple stifling their own dreams to conform with the American Dream.

The project was adapted by Justin Haythe from Richard Yates' notoriously unfilmable 1961.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bates will play Mrs. Givings, the woman who sells the Wheelers their home and introduces them to the community.

The cast has also added David Harbour ("Brokeback Mountain"), Michael Shannon ("World Trade Center") and Zoe Kazan ("Fracture"), none of whom were in "Titanic."

Bates won an Oscar for "Misery" and also picked up nominations for "Primary Colors" and "About Schmidt." She's also been nominated for seven Emmys for her TV work, most recently for the telefilms "Ambulance Girl" and "Warm Springs."

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