'Plan 9 from Outer Space'

The plan: In a bid to prevent humanity from creating a doomsday device, some very human-looking aliens pilot their pie-tin-type spaceship to a convenient graveyard, where they propose to raise an army of the dead. That army consists of a Morticia Addams knockoff, a Swedish wrestler turned police chief turned corpse, and an old guy who morphs between Bela Lugosi and, after Bela's actual death, his wife's chiropractor. If this is plan nine, we'd hate to see the previous eight plans that were rejected. Did it work? Shockingly, no. Despite the fact that, according to invader Eros, "All you of Earth are idiots," our valiant pilots and policemen managed to send the invaders packing -- and what's more, they fly away with the pie plate on fire. We showed them! -- Sarah Jersild
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