Biel's Wedded To Sandler Comedy

Jessica Biel will play the female lead in "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry," a long-gestating comedy set to star Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

Given the way "Chuck and Larry" has shed directors and stars in the past, Biel's presence may not be permanent, but she's set to play an attorney who assists the film's two titular characters (yes, Sandler and James), heterosexual firefighters who embrace gay marriage in order to snag domestic partnership benefits. Naturally, sparks eventually fly between the characters played by Sandler and Biel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Universal comedy is set to begin production on Aug. 31 with Dennis Dugan ("The Benchwarmers") at the helm. Dugan stepped in, of course, after David Dobkin ("The Wedding Crashers") exited the vehicle. Then again, the various parts of Larry and Chuck have been linked to the likes of Will Smith, Nicolas Cages, James Gandolfini, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson before this latest incarnation.

Biel, still probably best known for her tenure of "7th Heaven," will next be seen in "The Illusionist," a magic-themed period piece opening on Friday, Aug. 18. She's also completed work on the Sony thriller "Next," co-starring Nicolas Cage. Previous credits for Biel include "Stealth," "Summer Catch" and "Rules of Attraction."

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