'Big Brother' Returns to Showtime


For the second straight season, CBS' "Big Brother" will head off to Showtime after dark.

Showtime announced Tuesday (Jan. 8) that "Big Brother: After Dark" will return on February 12 with three hours of live feeds airing from the Big Brother house airing from 12-3 a.m. on the SHO2 multiplex channel.

The Showtime "Big Brother: After Dark" will air for three hours a night, seven days a week, which will clog your DVR mighty quickly if you set a season pass. Trust us.

"'Big Brother: After Dark' was a big success for us at bringing an audience to very late night time periods on SHO2," says Showtime Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt, not referencing any actual viewership figures. "This began as an experiment with our friends at Endemol and CBS, and I'm happy that it worked so well for all of us. I'm amazed at how much curiosity there is about what goes on in the Big Brother house after the lights are out, but what better place to present that than on Showtime where we have a lot of on-air real estate in the wee hours of the morning."

In its first season, viewers of "Big Brother: After Dark" were treated to a lot of swearing, but very little additional unedited content. Instead of sex, violence and nudity, viewers received an extra dose of game strategy and added insight into the mechanics of the Big Brother living experience.

Brought to you courtesy of the writers strike, this will be the first-ever winter installment of "Big Brother," though all of the familiar elements will remain largely unchanged, including host Julie Chen and normal voyeuristic pleasures of watching a group of increasingly unhinged shut-ins compete over three months for a grand prize.

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