Braff Returns Behind the Camera This Summer

Zach Braff is heading back to Jersey for his latest directing assignment, a remake of the 2002 Danish film "Open Hearts."

According to the industry trade papers, the "Garden State" writer-director-star will return to his home state to begin shooting his version of "Open Hearts" in June. The pic is set up at Paramount.

Susanne Bier directed the original, which received only a limited U.S. release in 2003, taking in less than $125,000 domestically. The film, shot in the Dogma 95 style, featured new James Bond baddie Mads Mikkelsen. It focused on a woman (not played by Mikkelsen, we'd guess) who begins an affair with her paralyzed fiance's doctor, a man who just happens to be married to the woman who caused the accident that left the fiance crippled in the first place. It sounds peppy.

Braff will apparently only play a small role in the remake.

Since earning critical acclaim, a Grammy and some large chunk of change (the film grossed nearly $27 million domestically) for his multi-hyphenate work on 2004's "Garden State," Braff has gone back to work on his NBC sitcom "Scrubs," earning his first Emmy nomination last year. He voiced the main character in the animated Disney hit "Chicken Little" and has the lead in the upcoming DreamWorks release "The Last Kiss."

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