Gerard Butler Escapes From 'New York' Remake

Gerard Butler is taking off his eye patch and exiting the lead in New Line's remake of "Escape From New York."

According to Variety, the "300" star is leaving the remake of the John Carpenter favorite over "creative differences."

The film had been packaged around Butler's presence as Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell in the 1981 original) a convict dropped into the futuristic penal colony of Manhattan to rescue the president of the United States.

The "Escape From New York" remake has already been tearing through directors. First "Live Free or Die Hard" director Len Wiseman was attached, followed by a brief flirtation with Brett Ratner.

The trade paper's current leading candidate is Jonathan Mostow, who has been brought in to do a rewrite on the script with an option to direct.

As for Butler, he's already begun production of "Game," a futuristic Lionsgate thriller from the guys who brought you "Crank." He already has "P.S., I Love You," "Rock N Rolla" and "Nim's Island" in the can.

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