Jim Carrey Is a 'Yes Man'


Jim Carrey hasn't done so many movies in recent years, but the star is looking to make up for lost time.

According to the industry trade papers, Carrey has committed to making the comedy "Yes Man" his next feature, bolting ahead of nearly a half-dozen other potential vehicles.

Peyton Reed ("Bring It On!") will direct the Warner Bros. project, a high concept comedy that sounds in the keeping of earlier Carrey vehicles like "Liar, Liar."

In the film, set to begin production in October, Carrey will play a guy who decides to change his life by saying "Yes" to whatever comes his way. We can't help but imagine that some wacky stuff will probably come his way.

Carrey is attempting to line up films before a potential work stoppage next summer and he certainly has his choice of projects. He's expected to move on to Robert Zemeckis' performance capture "A Christmas Carol" after "Yes Man." That leaves him with the possibility of doing one more movie before a strike.

In recent months, the trades have tied him to Universal's "Sober Buddies," 20th Century Fox's "Me Time" and to the indie "I Love You Phillip Morris." The previously delayed "Ripley's Believe It or Not!" could also be on the horizon, though Variety suggests the Tim Burton-directed adventure film might be too ambitious to complete in time.

That's a lot of choices for an actor whose last film, this spring's "The Number 23" made only $35 million at the domestic box office and who has done only one other film -- the not-so-admired comedy "Fun with Dick and Jane" -- since 2004.

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