CBS Orders More 'Moonlight' Scripts

CBS isn't necessarily ready to sink its teeth into a full season of the vampire drama "Moonlight," but the network is nibbling.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS has ordered four addition scripts for "Moonlight," even though the freshman drama is the network's lowest rated Friday show and has now been trounced by ABC's "Women's Murder Club" on consecutive weeks.

The desire to see a pile of additional scripts may have less to do with the show's ratings to date and more to do with the series' difficult journey to the small screen in the first place (or, even more likely, by the looming possibility of a writers strike).

After picking up "Moonlight" based on a brief presentation, rather than a full pilot, CBS proceeded to ditch everything but the premise -- a vampire works as a private investigator in Los Angeles -- and leading man Alex O'Loughlin, bringing in new supporting players like Sophia Myles and Jason Dohring. "Angel" veteran David Greenwalt was recruited as showrunner, only to be quickly replaced by Chip Johannessen.

While early episodes were mostly trounced by critics, some fans have indicated qualitative improvements in subsequent episodes, even if the ratings have yet to blossom.

CBS has already ordered a full season of the Monday comedy "The Big Bang Theory," asked for additional "Cane" scripts and swiftly cancelled the Hugh Jackman-produced "Viva Laughlin."

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