CBS Begins Overhauling 'Harper's Island'

Is "Harper's Island" the new "Moonlight"?

Last spring, CBS picked up "Moonlight" based on a presentation and proceeded to hire a new showrunner and recast the entire pilot with the exception of leading man Alex O'Loughlin. Despite that overhauling, the vampire drama aired a full season on Friday nights before being cancelled.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS is taking a similar approach to the midseason horror-serial "Harper's Island."

The trade paper says that Jeffrey Bell has been recruited to write a new first episode for the series, which focuses on a group of friends who go to a destination wedding on an island off the coast of Seattle and are picked off, one-by-one, by a serial killer.

The drama is expected to undergo near-total recasting, with Elaine Cassidy ("Felicia's Journey") the only actor expected to remain.

Ari Schlossberg wrote the original pilot and Jon Turteltaub directed. Turteltaub will remain on a executive producer along with Bell ("Alias," "Angel"), while Schlossberg, Karim Zriek and Dan Shotz will co-exec produce.

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