'Protect' Pilot Raises Cain


Dean Cain has booked a starring role in the police drama "Protect and Serve," leading a round of CBS casting that also includes gigs for Polly Walker and Raquel Welch.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Clubhouse" and "Lois & Clark" star will play a veteran cop in "Protect and Serve," which also features Steve Harris and Eric Balfour.

The "Protect" pilot concentrates specifically on the out-of-uniform lives of the officers, and Tamala Jones ("Next Friday"), Jessica Pare ("Jack & Bobby) and Victoria Cartagena ("Bedford Diaries") have all joined the cast as wives.

Welch, who guest starred with Cain in at least one episode of "Lois & Clark," will join the comedy ensemble "The Captain," about the wacky folks living in Hollywood's El Capitan apartment building. Welch ("One Million Years B.C.") will play a former TV bombshell.

Also at CBS, Polly Walker -- currently appearing as Atia on HBO's "Rome" -- will join the ensemble of the network's untitled Cynthia Cidre pilot (formerly "Los Duques"), playing the leader of the Samuels family, rival to the show's central Latin American rum-producing clan.

Finally, JD Walsh ("MadTV") and Josh Meyers ("That '70s Show") will play two of the leads in the network's untitled Scott Silveri comedy about a group of friends who hang out at an all-night grill. We assume there's more to it than that.

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