'Arrested' Co-Star Gets Innertube Development Deal


CBS has recruited Michael Cera of the late, lamented "Arrested Development" to mastermind a shortform online series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 18-year-old Cera -- George Michael Bluth on the Emmy-winning FOX comedy -- will write, produce and star in "The Good Life," a set of shorts for CBS' Innertube streaming platform.

Cera and Clark Duke will star as a pair of TV producers convinced they're on to the next big thing. CBS has committed to at least eight segments of varying lengths. This will be Innertube's first scripted program with a talent deal attached.

In addition to his three seasons on "Arrested Development," Cera has done a guest turn on "Veronica Mars" and signed on for a slew of big screen comedies including "Parental Guidance Suggested," "Super Bad" and "Juno."

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