Fur-Free Ricci Soothes Angry Fans, PETA


In "Cursed," Christina Ricci wanted to rid herself of a werewolf, but she wants her fans to know that she's animal friendly in real life.

The actress recently pledged to be fur-free after fans became angry at her for supporting the fashion.

The outctry first began when she posed in a fur on the cover of W magazine, which in turn landed her on the list of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' Worst Dressed Celebrity of 2006.

In response, she wrote PETA the following letter: "After being named on the PETA worst-dressed list for wearing fur on the cover of W magazine, I have been deluged with angry and disappointed fans. I never meant to hurt nor anger anyone with my insensitivity. For what it is worth I have received the message loud and clear and will not be wearing fur in the future. I apologize for my offensive actions."

PETA has struck out her name from their Worst Dressed, leaving Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen and Eva Longoria in the furry spotlight.

In addition, a website dedicated to Ricci spotted her on the cover of that same magazine had promptly shut down operations in protest.

"Offline due to fur usage," reads the posting. "Well, that's it. I've had this Christina Ricci fan page for almost 8 years (since january 1999), but I recently found out Christina doesn't appear to have a problem wearing fur. Well, I do. I also have a problem with people who wear fur. Conclusion: I have a problem with Christina. And now that problem is solved, because I don't have a website about her anymore, so I no longer have anything to do with her."

Ricci, 26, has a full resume that includes "The Addams Family" movies, "The Ice Storm," "Pecker," "Sleepy Hollow," "Pumpkin," "Anything Else" and "Monster." She next stars opposite Samuel L. Jackson and Justin Timberlake in "Black Snake Moan," in theaters in February.

She also made a guest appearance on "Grey's Anatomy" in the cliffhanger Super Bowl 2006 episode and its conclusion.

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