'Ugly Betty' Loses a Beau


The love life of "Ugly Betty" may have just become a little less complicated.

Christopher Gorham, who has played Betty's (America Ferrera) love interest Henry over the show's two seasons, has been cast on CBS' midseason show "Harper's Island." And according to The Hollywood Reporter, his new role means he'll be departing the ABC show.

"Ugly Betty" ended its second season with a romantic cliffhanger, as Betty was picking up the phone to call either Henry or her other suitor, Gio (Freddy Rodriguez). The show also recently cast Val Emmich as a new love interest -- which may be a good thing for Betty; the HR also notes that Rodriguez isn't expected to have a big presence in the coming season because of a busy film schedule.

"Harper's Island," meanwhile, is a horror series set on an island near Seattle, where guests at a wedding are being bumped off one by one. Gorham is the first piece of an overhaul of the show that began after CBS picked it up based on a presentation rather than a full pilot. "Angel" veteran Jeffrey Bell has been hired to rewrite the first episode, and major recasting is expected to take place as well.

Gorham will play the groom at the wedding, who coincidentally is also named Henry. His credits also include "Jake 2.0," "Popular" and "Out of Practice."

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