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Crysis 2PC, X360, PS3/$59.99/March 22

When "Crysis" was first unleashed on the gaming community, it was ultimately met with praise despite the overwhelming system requirements needed to play the game at a reasonable level. EA Games used stunning graphics and brilliant A.I. to set the stage for a science-fiction story that can only be described as epic. It was this first look at the lives of the Raptor Team and its fight against an alien menace that not only captured gamers' full attention but also paved the way for an inevitable sequel.

"Crysis 2" finds the world in chaos and the alien army returning with numbers much larger than before. Many of Earth's inhabitants have chosen to stay and fight, but nothing, not even the might of the military, can stop the invading forces. With hope nearly gone, a single supersoldier must wield the power of the Nanosuit 2, a combat enhancement technology far more dangerous than any weapon known to man, and defend the people of Earth or die trying.

This first-person shooter from EA Games and Crytek features just about every great thing you can find in the genre, both single and multiplayer. On the single-player front, we find that the high-end graphics have returned, rendering each and every detail of New York, which has become the backdrop of our story. The enemy A.I., which was such a great feature from the original, has returned, offering group strategy and tactics to the alien threat. The Nanosuit 2 also evolves the gameplay a bit by altering your weapons and abilities in battle, giving you the best tactical advantages when the odds are at their worst.

While first-person shooters can often reach blockbuster status strictly on single-player merits, it's the game's multiplayer that keeps the gamers playing. "Crysis 2" features maps pulled straight from real-world New York, several modes of play, custom classes and upgrades galore. Sure, each of these features may seem a bit status quo, but when they're coupled with such over-the-top maneuvers as power-sliding, three-story leaps and slow-motion bullet-cam replays, you have something that resembles a futuristic John Woo flick.

The only limitation of the first "Crysis" title was its unbearable need to upgrade your PC. With that issue out of the way thanks to the inclusion of console platforms, the world may now enjoy one of the best first-person shooter titles since the genre was invented.

Media Link: The human-versus-alien action continues with "Independence Day," which airs Tuesday, March 22, on HBO.

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