Dane Cook Whips Up HBO Deal


He has more than 900,000 friends on MySpace and an album that debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard charts. He hosted the highest-rated "Saturday Night Live" this season.

Suffice to say, Dane Cook has a few fans. And HBO hopes the comedian brings a few of them along with him as he takes up residence at the premium-cable network.

Cook has signed a wide-ranging deal with HBO that will find him starring in a stand-up concert film and a documentary series and developing a scripted show for the network. The stand-up film is up first, with filming scheduled for April 15 in Boston.

"This is a dream come true. HBO is the highest echelon in the world for a stand-up comedian to attain," Cook says. "Throughout my career I've trusted my instincts to lead me down the right path, and I am honored to work together with this network while contributing to the legacy that is HBO."

HBO chief Chris Albrecht calls Cook "one of the most exciting comedy stars to emerge on the scene in many years," and his large and manically devoted fan base probably didn't hurt in negotiating the deal either.

In addition to the concert film, Cook will star in "Tourgasm," a documentary series following him and fellow comics Gary Gulman, Jay Davis and Robert Kelly on a 20-show college tour last spring. He'll also work on a pilot for a scripted series.

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