Dave Matthews Makes 'House' Call


Grammy winner Dave Matthews will make his TV-acting debut later this season, playing a piano prodigy on FOX's "House."

The leader of the Dave Matthews Band will play a character named Patrick, who suffered an accident as a child that left him with a severe neurological condition but also made him a virtuoso pianist. He's admitted to Princeton-Plainsboro with a movement disorder, and his case catches the attention of House (Hugh Laurie).

Former "That '70s Show" star Kurtwood Smith will also appear in the episode, playing Patrick's father, a retired doctor who has to make a decision about his son's treatment.

The episode is scheduled to run sometime in March, though a specific airdate hasn't been set.

The Dave Matthews Band has sold better than 35 million records over the past decade and a half. The band won a Grammy in 1996 for best rock performance by a group for its song "So Much to Say," and Matthews won a solo award in 2004 for his song "Gravedigger."

His acting credits include the 2005 movie "Because of Winn-Dixie" and a pair of features due for release sometime this year: "Lake City" with Sissy Spacek and "The Other Side" with Giovanni Ribisi, Tim Roth and Brittany Murphy.

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