'Borat' Co-Star Joins FOX's 'Starting' Line-Up


Ken Davitian will join Bernie Mac in the cast of FOX's comedy pilot "Starting Under."

The Warner Bros. TV-produced pilot features Mac as a man who has to move in with his son and start working for him.

Davitian will not play Mac's son.

While Variety and The Hollywood Reporter can't decide if the main character's son works at a liquor warehouse or a marketing firm, they agree that Davitian will play a guy named Ken, who becomes buddies with Mac's character.

While he had myriad previous roles, Davitian was relatively unknown before he exposed himself to the world as the main character's traveling companion Azamat Bagatov in the blockbuster "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

Davitian has followed up that role with supporting turns in a number of features including "Meet the Spartans" and the upcoming "Get Smart."

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