'Disturbia' Team Meets 'The Last Man'


New Line has recruited the writer and director of the sleeper hit "Disturbia" to adapt the popular comic "Y: The Last Man" for the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, D.J. Caruso is lined up to direct, with Carl Ellsworth set to write the big screen version of the Vertigo comic.

The trade story comes on the eve of San Diego's annual Comic Con and it's unclear how the comic fans will respond to the news. As recently as the spring, Brian K. Vaughan, also a writer on "Lost," had been talking about his own plans to adapt the book he created with artist Pia Guerra.

Perhaps Vaughan is too busy putting the finishing touches on the comic run of "Y," which focuses on the five-year adventures of Yorick and his monkey sidekick Ampersand, the last two males in a world stripped of the Y chromosome. The story crosses a number of continents and features roving gangs of astronauts, a full-on naval battle, plus several all-female theatrical productions.

The trade paper gives no indication of how Caruso and Ellsworth will tackle the dauntingly epic material, nor of Vaughan's continued degree of involvement.

Released this spring, "Disturbia" has taken in roughly $80 million at the domestic box office giving DreamWorks a good return on a $20 million investment. The trades most recently had Caruso and his "Disturbia star Shia LaBeouf rumored to reunite on the thriller "Eagle Eye."

Other credits for Caruso include "Two for the Money" and "Salton Sea."

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