Donald Trump's 'Ladette' Finally Sees Daylight

The Donald Trump-produced American version of "Ladette to Lady" will finally make it to television, close to two years after the show first went into development.

"The Girls of Hedsor Hall," a show in which 12 American party girls -- who boast a string of drunken blackouts, bar fights and arrests among them -- are shipped off to an English finishing school, is set to premiere on MTV Monday, Feb. 9. Trump is among the executive producers.

If this sounds familiar -- even if you haven't seen the British show "Ladette to Lady," which airs on Sundance Channel here -- it's because the show has been kicking around since the middle of 2007.

Trump announced at that time that he had sold the show, then called "Lady or a Tramp," to FOX and insisted that the network wanted to begin filming "almost immediately." FOX eventually passed on the show, however, and Trump and RDF USA, which is also producing the show, ended up at MTV. Last spring the show was announced as part of MTV's summer lineup, but that didn't happen either.

Upon their arrival in England, the contestants will check into finishing school Hedsor Hall, where they'll be monitored by headmistress Gill Harbord and disciplinarian Rosemary Shrager. Former Miss USA Tara Conner, whose antics nearly cost her the crown two years ago and served as a kind of impetus for the show (Trump also owns the Miss USA pageant), will be a "visiting instructor" at the school.

The women will go through a series of challenges designed to turn them into women with style, grace and self-respect. The winner will get a $100,000 prize.

Trump, producing partner Andy Litinsky, RDF's Chris Coelen and Greg Goldman ("Secret Millionaire") and Dan Morando ("Extreme Makeover: Home Edition") are executive producing.

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