Duchovny: 'X-Files 2' Script Coming This Week


This news may sound a little familiar: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson may be close to reteaming with Chris Carter on a second "X-Files" feature film.

Since "The X-Files" went off the air in 2002, Duchovny has been regularly answering questions about doing a sequel to the 1998 "X-Files" film and in recent years he's regularly told reporters that a sequel was on its way. And that, again, is what members of the Television Critics Association were told on Saturday (July 14) at a press tour panel for Duchovny's new Showtime comedy "Californication."

Asked about the "X-Files" sequel, Duchovny gave the short answer, "Yeah. I'm supposed to see a script next week."

Pressed for a little clarification, he added, "No, I mean honestly I wasn't trying to be coy. I really am expecting to see a script next week. And Chris has written it with Frank Spotnitz, and Chris will direct it. And Gillian's on board and I'm on board, and that's all I can tell you. I mean, I'm looking forward -- I'm looking forward to seeing what he did."

Carter and Spotnitz wrote the story for the 1998 feature, which was directed by Rob Bowman and took in nearly $190 million worldwide. It's unclear where the next feature would pick up, given that the show's final seasons functioned without one or both stars for extended periods. At least the possibility of the truth remains out there.

Duchovny wasn't the only actor on the "Californication" to have to field queries about a long-stalled big screen version of a TV franchise. Co-star Evan Handler was impressively coy about whether or not his "Sex and the City" character will return in the upcoming New Line feature based on the franchise and whether his Showtime commitments would allow him to do the film if asked.

"As far as my understanding of that film and where it stands now and the proposed dates for it, my work in this show won't prevent me from it," he said. "And as far as whether I've been approached, I know that if I had been approached, I would have been asked not to say that I've been approached. I really couldn't say why I would be asked such a thing, but I know that I would have, and so I'll leave it at that, I guess.

Great. That leaves us only with the knowledge that the "Sex and the City" feature may go into production this fall with long-time executive producer Michael Patrick King writing and directing. Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are all slated to return.

Handler later joked that the "Sex and the City" feature would open the same weekend as "X-Files 2."

"We're going to crush 'em," Duchovny added.

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