Griffin's Car Crash No Publicity Stunt

Eddie Griffin may be a comedian, but he claims that his recent car crash was no laughing matter.

The performer is irate over rumors that his recent crash was actually a publicity stunt, reports People.

During a practice run for a charity race Monday (March 26) to promote his upcoming film "Redline," Griffin smashed a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo into a concrete barrier. Upon examining video footage of the incident, the media began to suspect it was a hoax when it was pointed out that a cameraman standing behind the barrier didn't even flinch when the car approached.

"This nut knew he had the footage of life," explained Griffin on Thursday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" This is the kind of nut that worked at CNN and they send to Iraq and he's over there dodging bullets."

The comedian is also miffed that the reports focused almost exclusively on the cost of the car, not his own personal health.

"The crazy thing is ... the newscasters, they're more concerned with the car," he complained. "If you watched the news, they were saying, 'Eddie Griffin wrecked a million-and-a-half-dollar car.' How about, 'Is Eddie Griffin okay?' Now my mamma and my children are watching television. At least say I'm okay. You can give my mamma a heart attack."

It turns out that he did sustain minor injuries from the crash.

"I have a knot on the head, a nice little bruise here."

Griffin, a stand-up comedian, has starred in "Undercover Brother" and appeared in the two "Deuce Bigalow" films, "Norbit" and "Date Movie."

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