No. 8: 'Bored to Death'

Jason Schwartzman plays a writer who's in a rough patch, both creatively and personally -- he can't get started on his second novel, and his girlfriend has just left him -- and on a whim posts a craigslist ad offering his services as a private detective. Comedy ensues -- and it really does in a smartly written show that gets funnier as it progresses. Jonathan Ames (named after the creator, novelist Jonathan Ames) is one of the least imposing private eyes ever, which is of course part of the fun. So are Ted Danson, who is fantastic as a needy magazine editor who throws writing work Jonathan's way and Zach Galifianakis, who's Jonathan's best friend and wisely underplays what could be a more wacky-friend role. -- Rick Porter, Zap2it
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