The world got thrown for a loop -- and a lot of closet astrology fans who may take their daily horoscope a little too seriously -- when news broke that it turns out there's a 13th sign in the zodiac: Ophiuchus. What?!?!? Exactly. And even though we're talking astronomy here and not astrology (and there are rumors that it doesn't matter if you were born pre-2009 anyway) a lot of people are having a big of an identity crisis when it comes to their new signs. But what about the poor Ophiuchus. There's not even any traits set out for them, although it appears they're likely Scorpio than Sagittarius. Check out that these famous Ophiuchus who didn't even know it. Related: Ophiuchus, new Zodiac sign dates Horoscope followers and astrologers: Don't panic!
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