Favreau Takes Control of 'Iron Man'


Marvel Studios has recruited Jon Favreau ("Elf") to develop and direct "Iron Man," based on the popular comic franchise.

The Iron Man character, alias Tony Stark, premiered in the '60s. The son of a wealthy industrialist, Stark was on a non-military research mission in Vietnam when he was taken prisoner and forced to build an electrically powered suit of armor for the Communists. He stole the armor and, in his new guise, began fighting America's enemies first overseas and at home. He also, in a realistic touch, battled alcoholism.

In its most recent incarnation, "Iron Man" was set to go forward at New Line with Nick Cassavetes directing.

Favreau, who used extensive practical effects on his last film, the well-regarded kiddie flick "Zathura," tells The Hollywood Reporter that he expects to use much more CG on his "Iron Man."

"I've always been very reticent to use CGI to the extent that it has been used by other filmmakers," Favreau says in a HR interview. "I think that now, through motion-capture and the integration of miniatures with CGI, like in 'King Kong,' I'm starting to be a lot more convinced by what the technology can do. But the idea of using CGI and relying solely on that to tell your story, those days are past. I think that integrating practical filmmaking and augmenting it with CGI is the key to making it an emotionally involved story."

"Iron Man" has apparently moved to the head of the "Swingers" star's schedule, with a start date early next year. What that does to the long-gestating "John Carter of Mars" is unclear.

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