Focus Has the 'Scoop' on Allen's Latest

After the surprisingly critical and audience support for Woody Allen's "Match Point," the Oscar-winning director's latest has been snagged by Focus Features.

Allen is currently in post-production on "Scoop," a comedy he shot last year in London. It was the director's second consecutive feature to be produced in England (a third is on the way) and it also is his second straight to star Scarlett Johansson, a Golden Globe nominee for "Match Point."

Johansson plays an American student journalist who goes to London on vacation and ends up following a huge potential story. Her investigation involves magic, murder, mystery and an aristocrat played by Hugh Jackman. Also starring in "Scoop" are Ian McShane and Allen.

"I've always been very blessed by having great people distribute my films over the years and this good fortune continues with Focus, a company I have enormous admiration for," Allen says in a statement. "I had a great time shooting 'Scoop.' I was over my head acting with Hugh Jackman and Ian McShane, who are both amazing, and of course Scarlett Johansson, who I knew was sexier than me and smarter but she also turned out to be faster and funnier."

Funny Woody.

Allen earned a best screenplay Oscar nomination for "Match Point" and watched as the out-of-character thriller became his biggest hit in years, making more than $75 million worldwide.

Focus chief James Schamus is happy to be in business with the legendary filmmaker.

"'Scoop' is another extraordinary reminder that when Woody Allen matches his skills as a master filmmaker with his talents as a comic genius, filmmaking gets no better," Schamus gushes. "Everyone here is delighted to be working with Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, and Ian McShane for the first time, and with Scarlett Johansson again after our great success together on 'Lost in Translation.'"

Focus has yet to settle on a release date for "Scoop," though it may be in theaters as early as late this summer or early in the fall.

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