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FOX Breaks Comedy 'Rules'

FOX has ordered up a script for the comedy pilot "The Rules of Starting Over," to be produced by the Farrelly Brothers.

According to the industry trades, Chris Pappas and Mike Bernier will pen the pilot, which has been given a script commitment with a "significant penalty" attached.

The series will focus on a group of newly single men in their mid-30s forced to discover that the dating rules are different at that age than they were a decade earlier.

Pappas and Bernier come out of a feature writing background, though their feature scripts appear to all still be gestating, including "Meet Mr. Id," "The Brothers From Another Mother" and "Alcoholics Unanimous," which was to be directed by the Farrellys at some point.

If "The Rules of Starting Over" goes to pilot, Bobby Farrelly will direct.

The brothers have worked on films ranging from "There's Something About Mary" to "Fever Pitch." They most recently worked as producers on "The Ringer."

The Farrellys also have the comedy pilot "I'm With Stupid" set up at NBC.

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