Lana and Clark, 'Smallville'

Her: Dating the blond varsity jock, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) is your typical beautiful girl with a tragic past. Her beauty makes Clark clumsy and awkward. Or... you know... that could be the kryptonite around her neck. Him: Clark (Tom Welling) may look like the most perfect guy ever... but when we first meet him, he's dealing with those awkward teenage moments like crushing on a girl and keeping secrets from his friends and... uh... being an alien. The story: While their relationship was super sweet in the beginning, it didn't exactly end well. Lois Lane showed up, and... well... Lana married Lex Luthor. You can't really come back for that. Still, for a brief period of time, Clark Kent and Lana Lang were dreamy, in that high school kind of way.
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