Tyra and Landry, 'Friday Night Lights'

Her: While not exactly at the top of the social ladder, Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) was an undeniable hottie, with a bad-girl charm that had Dillon's most eligible bachelors just praying she'd get drunk enough to dance with them. Him: Landry (Jesse Plemmons) was the lead singer of a Christian rock band called Crucifictorious. While he wasn't exactly a looker, he had a sharp tongue -- and, as the school math geek, he made an excellent tutor for the bad girl on a path to redemption. The story: Basically, they accidentally murdered a rapist, tried to cover it up, and fell in love, in what would become the only storyline that critics pretty much hated universally. These two didn't end up together, but they did make each other better people. Texas forever. Etc.
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