Nathan and Haley, 'One Tree Hill'

Him: Nate (James Lafferty) was a basketball star who was so cool, even the police let him off the hook when he drunkenly stole a school bus. He had a habit of kidnapping people. And a nipple ring. Her: Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) was the smartest girl in school, wore hideous ponchos, and didn't want to have sex until she was married. You can imagine that she wasn't exactly Queen Bee. The story: Well, she tutored him in junior math, so obviously... they got married before they were even high school seniors. Somehow, these two crazy kids made it work, despite an endless parade of psychos trying to ruin their fun. The final season begins this winter on The CW... and we're willing to bet they'll be just fine. Because if not, Naley shippers who have devoted nine years to them will collectively descend on the "OTH" writers' office in a murderous rage, and no one wants to see that.
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