'60 Minutes' Producer Crile Dies


George Crile III, a producer for "60 Minutes" and "60 Minutes II," died Monday at the age of 61.

The producer and best-selling author passed away from pancreatic cancer at his home in Manhattan.

During his more than 25 years working for CBS, he produced numerous stories for "60 Minutes" and its spinoff, reporting on Three Mile Island, the Gulf War, the KGB and other topics of global significance.

It's his 1982 documentary, "The Uncounted Enemy: A Vietnam Deception," that got the most attention though. The controversial documentary focused on Gen. William Westmoreland's deliberate under-reporting of enemy troop strength in Vietnam, thus deceiving President Lyndon Johnson and the public in 1967. Westmoreland's libel suit was settled a few years later.

Crile is also known for his book "Charlie Wilson's War," which studied the CIA's providing support and arms for the Islamic mujahedeen. Wilson was a former U.S. House member who prodded Congress to back the mujahedeen. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks renewed interest in the book, to which Tom Hanks bought the film rights. A Universal film adaptation starring Hanks as Wilson is reportedly in the works.

He's survived by his wife Susan Lyne, president of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., four daughters and two sisters.

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