Giamatti May Play Philip K. Dick

Oscar-nominee Paul Giamatti hopes to play prolific sci-fi author Philip K. Dick in an upcoming biopic.

The "Lady in the Water" star is already set to produce through his Touchy Feely Films production shingle, along with Anonymous Content. According to Variety, the Dick flick would be authorized by the writer's estate and co-produced through the estate's Electric Shepherd Prods.

Tony Grisoni -- no stranger to wacky biopics from his time adapting "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" -- will write the Dick project, reportedly interweaving parts of the author's life with scenes from "The Owl in Daylight," his unfinished final novel.

Dick died in 1982, but his legacy includes dozens of full-length novels and even more short stories.

At their best, Dick's ideas have been brought to the big screen as "Blade Runner," "Total Recall" and "Minority Report." Then again, "Screamers," "Imposter" and "Paycheck" all started from Dick works as well. Richard Linklater's adaptation of Dick's "A Scanner Darkly" is now in theaters and next up is a version of Dick's "Next," starring Nicolas Cage.

Giamatti can currently be seen in "Lady" and heard in the animated "Ant Bully." The "Sideways" star has "The Illusionist" opening next week and more vocal work in "Amazing Screw-On Head," available for download in the SciFi Channel Web site.

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